Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Financial Challenges our Clients are Facing

ECONOMIC DOWNTURNS can result in their customer’s inability to pay immediately upon receipt of goods or services. Many customers are now demanding terms exceeding 30 days, in some cases as much as 120 days are expected.

RAPID GROWTH that exceeds cash on hand. By that I mean that typically lending institutions will fund based on last year’s balance sheet, but that may be far short of this year’s expectations.

UNEXPECTED EXPENSES that exceed ability to pay. For example, machines can break down at the worst of times, causing costs in repair, and costs in down time.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE when opportunities arise, but bank funding can take weeks, even months, to be authorized, when FACTORING can be arranged in days.

COLLECTION CONCERNS Many business owners, especially the less established ones, lack the desire and in many cases, the skills to do professional collection calls.
Ron Finch

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